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Campus Safety and Security

Career Academy of Cosmetology considers the personal physical safety of its students, faculty, and staff essential for a successful learning environment.  Part of crime prevention is individual safety consciousness and awareness of personal environment.   Career Academy of Cosmetology suggests the following crime prevention measures, which can contribute to personal safety and security.

1.        Do not leave valuable items in your car, including personal items and school related materials.

2.        Do not park in isolated areas.

3.        When using a personal vehicle, keep the doors locked at all times.   Before entering a vehicle, always look around the vehicle and in the back seat.

4.        Keep personal keys in your possession at all times.

5.        At night, travel in well-lighted areas and in pairs if possible.   Avoid short cuts and deserted areas.

6.        Notice and be aware of suspicious persons and conditions.

7.        Leave items of high monetary value at home.

8.        Do not leave personal property unattended.

9.        Do not carry more cash than necessary and do not advertise what you have.

10.    Mark personal items with your name or some other traceable identification.

11.    Do not bring any kind of firearm, dangerous weapons, explosives, or lethal materials onto Career Academy of Cosmetology property.

12.    If anything makes you feel unsafe or threatened, dial 9-1-1.

For more information about campus safety and security the Career Academy of Cosmetology’s Annual Safety Report can be found at Annual Safety Report 2017

Tobacco & Drug Free Environment

San Joaquin County Office of Education Board Polices prohibits the use, possession, and distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol products at all times on all property and in all facilities owned, leased, and/or operated by Career Academy of Cosmetology, whether indoors or outdoors.  Violation of Board Policy may result in any or all of the following actions:

·         Referral to outside agencies for substance abuse assistance.

·         Dispatch request and/or report filed with local law enforcement agency.

·         Ineligibility for Federal Financial Aid.

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